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Operate your own Salesforce DevOps processes after we have designed and built them to a high standard following your spec.

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Design, build, & handover

OrgFlow's experienced engineers will design and build your ideal Salesforce DevOps process before handing it over to you for you to operate it.

Also want us to operate it? Have a look at our Deployment as a service offering.

Why choose Design & build?

Lean on our experience, and let the team that designed and built OrgFlow also design and build your Salesforce DevOps process. We know what works and what doesn't and can get you up and running fast, regardless of how complex your needs are.

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Get up and running quickly

Accelerate your digital transformation, and leave the finer details of your Salesforce DevOps workflows to us.

We've already done all the research and development, and our experience can set you off on the right path quicker than you'd be able to to achieve otherwise.

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Utilize our experience

We've set up many Salesforce DevOps workflows across multiple different CI/CD platforms. We can suggest improvements or solve complex issues with relative ease.

We also designed and built OrgFlow from scratch, and we know how to get the most from the product.

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Start strong

Start your Salesforce DevOps journey as you mean to go on. We can design and build powerful and robust workflows and pipelines to start you off on a solid foundation.

Alter and adjust your process as required, or hand it back to us to make changes if you prefer.

A simple three-step process

1. Tell us your needs

We'll sit down with you and listen to your needs. Tell us what your existing DevOps workflows are (if any), what problems you face, and what you'd like to achieve.

We can build out deployment and testing pipelines, change validation, environment provisioning, or anything else that you need us to do. We can suggest the best tools for the job, or we can use the DevOps tools that your team are already using.

2. We'll Design and implement your workflow

Based on what you've told us, we'll suggest and then design your entire Salesforce DevOps workflow.

An open dialogue means that you're always up to date with what we're doing, so that you can be confident that whatever we design will work for you.

3. Handover

Once you are happy with your new Salesforce DevOps process, we'll hand it over to you.

You're free to operate it and alter it as required. You own the process and all associated scripts and configuration.

If you need help to change the process, or to add or remove elements, then we can be available to do that if required.


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