Enterprise-Grade Robustness

With rich logging and diagnostics, best-in-class performance and strong security, OrgFlow is a Salesforce DevOps tool your business can rely and depend on.

Operation and Management

OrgFlow is easy to use hands-on for a deployment manager, but is also designed to make sense to DevOps engineers and IT professionals, and to be easily scripted, automated and integrated into the CI/CD platforms DevOps teams already love and use.

Rich logging and diagnostics

OrgFlow can write diagnostic logs, with configurable verbosity, to a path on disk that you specify. Log paths support tokens so you can organize log files based on runtime values. It can also create a diagnostic bundle on failure, to help you pinpoint the issue.

Flexible configuration

Most of OrgFlow's input and options can be specified using either command-line arguments, environment variables or in a JSON-based configuration file. This provides maximum flexibility for automation and CI/CD scenarios, as well as interactive use on your local computer.

Scripting and automation

Because OrgFlow is cross-platform CLI, it can be scripted, automated in cloud-based runbooks, or even integrated into your favorite CI/CD platform. Build the DevOps workflow that fits your team, using the automation tools you prefer to use.

Support SLA

Our Enterprise plan guarantees a maximum response time of 24 hours on business days, on every interaction with us. In the vast majority of interactions you will most likely hear from us much quicker than that, regardless of which plan you are on.

Security and Privacy

Unlike most other Salesforce DevOps tools, OrgFlow can run on your own infrastructure, and uses your own Git repository — even ones on your internal network. This makes OrgFlow the perfect choice for organizations with strict security or regulatory requirements.

Keep your metadata to yourself with self-hosting and on-premise processing
Encrypt your secrets with industry leading encryption
Bring your own Git repository to allow you to manage access and policies


OrgFlow runs on your laptop, in your CI/CD platform, in your Docker containers. Your Salesforce metadata is stored and versioned in your Git repository. We can never connect to your Salesforce orgs or your Git repository, and we can never see or access your metadata.

Any Git repository

OrgFlow works with GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, GitLab, or any other Git provider. Or — bring your own Git repository and utilize the same access and security policies that your organization already has in place for other DevOps teams. Find the Git solution that fits you best — OrgFlow supports it.

Secure secrets

If you choose to store secrets such as Salesforce credentials in OrgFlow, those secrets are encrypted using an encryption key only known by yourself and those you choose to share it with. No one can ever retrieve your secrets without your encryption key — including us.

Log masking

Any sensitive values processed by OrgFlow — such as Salesforce credentials, license keys and encryption keys — are always masked in any log files produced by OrgFlow. This means you can safely collect, store and distribute OrgFlow logs with complete peace of mind.

SSL encryption

All communication between OrgFlow and any external services always happens over encrypted transport channels. That goes for our backend services for account and state management, as well as any third-party services such as Salesforce or your Git repository.

Performance and Flexibility

Intelligent, highly parallelized and optimized operations allow you to process large volumes of metadata with unparalleled speed and no upper limit. Large orgs with hundreds of thousands of metadata items can be processed with the same simplicity as smaller orgs.

Fast and lean

Clever algorithms for deploying, retrieving, comparing and merging metadata. Meticulous attention to performance in our code. Heavy use of concurrency wherever possible. All combine to make OrgFlow the fastest Salesforce DevOps tool on the planet.


From one-man startup to multi-national enterprise, OrgFlow scales with your Salesforce DevOps needs. There are no costs per Salesforce user or per OrgFlow user — you pay only for the number of Salesforce orgs in your DevOps workflow.

Open and portable

OrgFlow is open, portable and cross-platform so you can decide how and where to use it. Download and use it on your Windows, macOS or Linux computer. Integrate it into your favorite CI/CD platform. Run it in a Docker container. Or do all of the above.


Your process should not be dictated by your tools. OrgFlow has no opinion about how you structure your workflow — you decide which environments you have, what roles they play, and how changes flow between them.

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