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Frequently Asked Questions

A trial license key entitles you to use OrgFlow for free for 2 months (also for production/commercial use) with an unlimited number of stacks and orgs. This is essentially equivalent with our Enterprise plan, except without the SLA for technical support. We will provide technical support to you during your trial period, but without a guaranteed SLA or response time.

No, you only need to provide a valid email address to which the free 2-month trial license key should be sent.

Whether you have a subscription or want to try OrgFlow for free, you download the product from the download page. The same download and binaries are used for both trial and subscription licenses.

To use OrgFlow, you also need:

  • a Salesforce account (see below for more information on supported Salesforce editions).
  • a Git repository, either one offered by a commercial provider (such as GitHub, Azure DevOps or Bitbucket) or a self-hosted one that you set up and manage yourself. OrgFlow supports any standard Git repository.

We do not provide Salesforce accounts and Git repositories as part of our services.

OrgFlow uses the Metadata API to connect to your Salesforce orgs, in order to flow metadata changes between Salesforce and your Git repository.

OrgFlow supports any Salesforce org where the Metadata API is available, including:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Professional Edition with the Web Services API add-on enabled

OrgFlow requires:

  • An operating system supported by .NET 8.0. Please refer to Microsoft's documentation on supported releases for each OS.
  • Git version 2.25 or later.

When running OrgFlow from our Docker images, all requirements are already provided by the images.

Visit our support page to get in touch with us for technical support.

We limit trial licenses to one per email address. If you've already made use of you trial period, you can convert your trial license to a Starter Edition subscription for free on our pricing page.

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