True Git-based DevOps for Salesforce

OrgFlow is a cross-platform DevOps tool that opens the Salesforce platform up to modern software development, version control, deployment and automation techniques.

OrgFlow is simple and user-friendly enough that you can comfortably run your Salesforce DevOps process manually by running OrgFlow commands in your favorite shell in a terminal window...
... but at the same time powerful and scriptable enough that you can automate your Salesforce DevOps process at whatever pace and to whatever degree suits you and your team...
... and portable and flexible enough that you can compose, integrate and orchestrate your Salesforce DevOps process with a whole universe of popular tools and services!

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OrgFlow is a Salesforce DevOps tool for org-based development scenarios. It consists of a suite of powerful, easy-to-use and easy-to-script CLI commands that provide all the functionality you need to build, manage, automate and operate a full end-to-end Salesforce DevOps process.

Keep enjoying org-based development — just add true DevOps

Before OrgFlow, real DevOps was mostly reserved for those doing package-based development using Salesforce DX and the Salesforce CLI. OrgFlow is designed specifically for bringing true DevOps to org-based development.

Compared to the Salesforce CLI:

OrgFlow is optimized for org-based scenarios
OrgFlow handles much more of the complexity for you
OrgFlow needs much less setup and scripting
OrgFlow is much more powerful

Start simple and gradually expand your DevOps universe

OrgFlow is designed to be a good fit no matter where you are on your Salesforce DevOps journey, and how far and fast you intend to go. Powerful and simple enough to be used out of the box — but also versatile enough to be a piece in a bigger DevOps puzzle.

Perform Salesforce DevOps tasks by manually executing OrgFlow commands in a terminal

Compose those commands into scripts using your favorite scripting languages and tools

Automate your DevOps pipeline by running those scripts based on schedules or triggers in your favorite CI/CD platform

Integrate your DevOps pipeline with a universe of popular tools and services

Run your Salesforce DevOps where you're most productive

OrgFlow is a cross-platform CLI tool that can be used on any computer running either macOS, Windows or Linux — either on the host or running as a Docker container using the images we provide.

This means basically anywhere you want — from your personal laptop, to a server in your company's data center, to a cloud-based virtual machine or serverless compute environment, to a hosted build agent in your favorite CI/CD platform.

Key Features

Explore and learn more about the features that make OrgFlow the most powerful Salesforce DevOps solution on the planet.

End-to-end Salesforce DevOps

From managing your Salesforce environments, to running Apex tests, to flowing metadata changes to and from your Git repository — OrgFlow provides a suite of CLI commands with all the functionality you need to build, manage, automate and operate a full end-to-end Salesforce DevOps pipeline.

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Smart metadata features

OrgFlow introduces innovative ways of handling and processing your Salesforce metadata, that challenge conventional wisdom and enable new levels of simplicity and performance not previously available to Salesforce developers.

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True DevOps DNA

With its emphasis on Git at the core of the product, its open and portable architecture, its unopinionated design and its ability to be both easy to use and easy to script and automate, OrgFlow is Salesforce DevOps built by DevOps engineers, for DevOps engineers.

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CI/CD platform integration

OrgFlow can run on your favorite CI/CD platform, so you can run your Salesforce DevOps workflows based on schedules and triggers, manage your work with boards and backlogs, use pull requests for change review and automated validations, and integrate with a universe of popular tools and services.

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Enterprise-grade robustness

Rich logging and diagnostic capabilities. Best-in-class performance and scalability. Strong encryption and masking of secrets. Modern cloud-friendly self-hosting architecture. OrgFlow is a Salesforce DevOps tool your business can rely and depend on.

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Toolbox commands

As a bonus, OrgFlow also includes a veritable Swiss army knife of low-level utility commands, making the same innovative logic that powers OrgFlow's end-to-end workflows available for your own Salesforce scripting needs. Great for simplifying repetitive tasks, or for when you get an awesome Salesforce automation idea.

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